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Praktisk och stilig diskborste med skaft i ek och 100 % hästhår. En favorit i vårt sortiment, vi älskar att diska med denna borste!

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Practical and stylish dish brush whit dark oak wooden shaft and dark bristles made from horse hair.

Cleaning is an experience

Cleaning is som much more than a task on the to.do list! Make cleaning into an experience, an everyday luxury! Cleaning can be an excuse to buy yourself fresh flowers. It can also be an excuse to clear your mind and spend time focusing on one single thing - spraying and wiping. Want that hotel feeling in your home? Keep it clean and styled! We have a long list of amazing things cleaning dose for us, but most important of all, we love cleaning because it allows us to create a safe, clean and calm home for our loved ones.

Cleaning tools from HUMDAKIN

Dish brush, organize buckets, universal cleaner, spray bottle, wood brush, dish soap, laundery soap, fabric softener, wool and cashmere detergent

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